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June 16, 2014

A Thinner Chair

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Leaf Chair

I thought that the chair may benefit from a thinner construction.  I think this makes the design slightly more elegant, which is not to say it is better, but still something worth exploring.  I did a quick render to show the new look.  You’ll notice that the angles for the backrest and seat are back to 90 degrees, that is because I’ve decide to adjust those once the basic design is in place,  to not add complexity too early in the assembly.



April 15, 2014

Turning a Chair into a Puzzle

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I’ve been having a look at making the chair more comfortable, which meant adjusting the angle of seat and backrest, as well as the height of the seat and the height of the backrest.  One of the consequences is that the chair is now no longer just a bunch of horizontal and vertical lines.  There are many diagonal lines (and some diagonal on two planes), moving at an angle through space, which skews the assembly of the chair. This didn’t really matter until I started breaking the chair up into parts, with the eye on getting a feel for what parts would be needed to assemble it.  I’ve been reading “Design Secrets: Furniture: 50 Real-Life Projects Uncovered”, which talks a lot about the materials and construction used in design projects, and now I’m thinking more about how to practically put this idea together, as a physical object.  I really hope to really make one of these one day.

The beginning of the breaking into parts is what you can see in the image, and the chair in the background is the version that has been adjusted to be more comfortable.



April 6, 2014

The Leaf Chair – In Colour

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Adding a little more depth and colour starts to emphasize the core idea.  This doesn’t strike me as anything comfortable to sit on yet, but that can probably be remedied.  I prefer looking at chairs to sitting in them in any case.




March 30, 2014

The Leaf Chair – Birth

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I’ve wanted to design a chair for ages. With that in mind, I started work on the leaf chair. This very rough first draft shows the basic idea, of the left front chair-leg forming the stalk of the leaf, and the body of the leaf stretching across the seat and up the back of the chair.